Pile of Slag

Technical Bulletins

The Cure for Permanent Pavement Deformation

Superpave bituminous mixtures utilizing iron and steel making slag aggregates.

Steel Furnace Slag SMA Mix Proves to be "The World's Strongest Intersection"*

Steel Slag's toughness, stability and durability provided the answer to aproblem no other material was able to provide.

1-70 Glenwood Canyon "Begs for the Ultimate Asphalt Mix Design" Executive Summary

A long life asphalt pavement is needed to continue to provide an environmentally pleasing roadway system with minimal maintenance disruptions. The integrity of Glenwood Canyon begs for the ultimate asphalt mix design and pavement structure.

Leachate from Blast Furnace Slag: What it is and How to treat it

A brief description of Blast Furnace Slag chemistry and the phenomenon of leaching as it relates to this material.

CemStarsm process: Slag Usage Raises Productivity, Operational Efficiency, Lowers Emissions

The patented CemStarsm process offers the capability to boost production and improve kiln operations while lowering emissions.

A Guide for the Use of Steel Slag in Agriculture and for Reclamation of Acidic Lands

This guide discusses the use of steel slag as a substitute for limestone for agricultural applications, and its use in reclamation of acidic lands.