Pile of Slag

Risk Assessment

This paper considers the importance of steelmaking slag as a product and provides an overview of the regulatory status of steelmaking slag in the United States. In addition. the risk assessment process and results are summarized.


Steelmaking slag -- specifically slag generated from EAFs, BOFs, and BFs during the iron/steel making process -- has many important and environmentally safe uses. In many applications, due to its unique physical structure, slag outperforms the natural aggregate for which it is used as a replacement. Hence, not only does slag offer a superior material for many construction, industrial, agricultural, and residential applications, but the use of slag promotes the conservation of natural resources. As a result, the market for slag has remained strong and, as further applications are promoted, is expected to grow. The existence of this market and the broad variety of potential uses offered by steelmaking slag demonstrate that it is clearly a safe, useful and valuable product and not a "solid waste."